Route length: 5 km and 600 meters

Duration: 3 hours

Ascent: 782 meters - Descent: 119 meters

Route description: Ascent- Medium difficulty

Recommended to: all mountaineering clubs and if being careful to children above the age of 8 years old

Season: May to October

* The information above is given to reach your destination.     

        If you think to cross this route you are at Sp. Agapitos refuge. You had already had a taste of Olympus, having completed the first 6 km of the  Prionia - Spilios Agapitos refuge route. You may have already felt this tinkling feeling the mountain evokes to visitors. Just thinking, even as you drink a cup of coffee, that this mountain was the cradle of the ancient Greek civilization and according to scripts, house of Gods, who controlled the lives and fate of people, definitely makes you feel lucky for being a descendant of the Ancient Greeks and a true continuer of the Ancient Greek civilization.

       Let’s admit though that things have changed especially the latest years. You shouldn’t think of what happens at lower altitudes. You are here to clear your mind of toxic thoughts or get to know the mountain better (if it’s your first time here).

       Enjoy every moment of your stay on the mountain; everything seems to coexist harmoniously that you certainly feel an invisible force to guide you to relax and feel the aura of the mountain. The laughs and the nice mood of your companions and other visitors at the refuge, narrating stories from previous visits at the summits and the warm welcoming of the refuge administrators, Maria and Dionysis, will make you feel comfortable and have an unforgettable trip.

The translation in English was made by " Sidiropoulou Athina " and we thank her, for her help.

General Informations:

       It is a route of 5 km and 600 meters total length, all on path, with altitudinal slope (ascent) of 782 meters. The duration of the trail is 3 hours. There are no signs through the trail but the path is very distinct while at crossroads there are signs which inform you where each path leads and which you should follow to reach your destination. Throughout the path there is no mobile service, only on the summits. In general, it is described as a route of medium difficulty and with a little attention it can be crossed by young children.


European Emergency Number: 112

Fire Brigade:                          199

E.K.A.V. (Ambulance Help):    166

Refuge "A" or "Spilios Agapitos": +30 23520 81800

       All the above are summarized in the following chart:

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       The route is recommended by the administrators of Spilios Agapitos refuge.

In particular:

       After a good breakfast, start today’s adventure from the path starting right next to the pine at the yard of the refuge (at an altitude of 2.060 meters) behind the water fountain (Image 1)...

Image 1.


       For the first 10 minutes, after 200 meters at an altitude of 2.140 meters, you will notice a crossroad on your right with signs that will guide you to the “Mouson Plateau” and more specifically to the Ch. Kakkalos refuge. If you aren’t familiar with climbing we won’t recommend you follow this path, called “Kofto” due to its great slope and the remaining snow from the heavy winter. So, continue straight ahead (left) on the path (Image 2)…

Image 2.


       After 400 meters and 15 minutes of walking at an altitude of 2.220 meters, you will come across a bench made of stones, you have an amazing, panoramic view of “Kalogeros” and “Livadaki” summits (Image 3)…

Image 3.


       Continue on the path, after 550 meters and 30 minutes of walking at an altitude of 2.420 meters, you will come across a second bench with the same panoramic view (Image 4)…

Image 4.


       The edge behind the bench is the crossroad to “Skala” or “Zonaria”, where you will arrive after 200 meters of walking (about 10 minutes) at an altitude of 2.480 meters. At the crossroad, turn right to reach the “Plateau of Muses”, one of the most beautiful places of our country (Image 5)…

Image 5.


       Entering this part of the trail called “Zonaria”, you will have mostly and very closely, rocks on your left. So, you must be very careful if you sense small rocks falling from above. Responsible for these fallen rocks are the wild goats of Olympus (Image 6). They are excellent climbers and quite lucky for being permanent residents of this godly mountain; they probably make fun of us as they see us walking like them or almost crawling…

Image 6.


       Walk for about 45 minutes at “Zonaria”, having completed 1 km and 750 meters to reach the Louki of Mytikas at an altitude of 2.700 m (Image 7)…250 meters earlier, you have passed from the “Louki” which leads to “Kakoskala”, at an altitude of 2.650 m. When you arrive at the Louki of Mytikas, continue right (on the path) to reach after a few minutes the “Plateau of Muses”.

Image 7.


       The view after a few minutes, seeing the “Mouson Plateau” for the first time, will be unforgettable. You are at one of the most beautiful places in our country, at an altitude of 2.600 meters. On the left is the Toumpa summit at an altitude of 2.801 m., on the right is Profitis Elias summit at an altitude of 2.803 m. and between them the Giosos Apostolidis refuge (Image 8)…

Image 8.


       After crossing the Louki of Mytikas and come across for the first time the “Plateau of Muses”, walk for 1 km in about 20 minutes, passing right below the “Stefani of Zeus” to end up right next to the Giosos Apostolidis refuge on the left. Don’t get close; go up the hill in front of you (500 meters) and after 20 minutes you will reach the “Toumpa” summit at an altitude of 2.801 m (Image 9)…

Image 9.


There isn’t a landmark on the summit. The view is amazing as you can see “Skala” and “Skolio” summits and the rocky part on the other side of Mytikas summit, called “Kazania”. When you feel content by the view from the “Toumpa” summit, descend until the Giosos Apostolidis refuge. It will take you about 20 minutes to descend these 500 meters (Image 10)…

Image 10.


       Descend from the left side of the refuge and after passing by it, ascend from its right side. To arrive at the Profitis Elias summit, you will have to walk 500 meters more in about 20 minutes reaching at an altitude of 2.803 meter (Image 11)…

Image 11.


The view from this summit is equally amazing. You can also visit the highest little church in our country, named by Profitis Elias (Image 12)…

Image 12.


       The passage of the trail occurred on Tuesday 26 th July 2016; the same day we gathered all the information that was mentioned, as well as the photographs included in the narrative of the path. We consider ourselves responsible, so we would like to treat those who love Nature and hiking and enjoy learning about new places with the same responsibility. We would also like, if you cross the trail above or any other on our website, to contact us (e-mail: Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε.) whether we were accurate on our description or there was a flaw that should be corrected.

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