Terms of Participation

terms of participation


To be timely any involvement or book entry must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit. Canon will make an effort, but does not undertake the obligation to find a person to stay in a double room for someone traveling alone. Therefore any booking in a half double should be converted to a single or canceled. (see cancellations). AIT ESL Join X TH

Any participation in a Canon trip, in order to be valid, must be accompanied by the corresponding application form, which is at the same time a contract between the customer and the Canon. The application for participation is imposed by Presidential Decree 339/96 in application of Directive 90/314 / EEC on package travel and package holidays. Entries without application / contract are not valid and will not be considered. METHOD OF ADVANCE The advance payment is always made in cash and amounts to 30% of the total price of the trip. Non-prepaid entries are not valid and will not be considered.

For repayment, customers have the option of paying in cash, by credit card, or by installment plan. On club trips the payment must always be made in cash. The final payment must be made at least 10 days before the departure of each excursion. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS In case of cancellation of participation for any reason, even for health reasons, or not finding a person to stay in a double room, the following procedure has been established: a. Cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the trip: return of the deposit in full. b. Cancellation 29 days before, and up to 10 days before the start of the trip: full deposit with the deposit.

c. Cancellation from 10 days until the start of the trip: full withholding of the entire amount. Canon reserves the right to claim the money owed by the traveler by any legal means. For some trips, different rules apply at the end of the program with the note: Note. YΠO XPEΩ ΣEI Σ ΠΕΛΑΤΩΝ

A basic obligation of those who participate in group trips is the timely attendance at the events of the program. The lack of consistency obliges the leader to leave with the other travelers for the execution of the program, with the consequence for the delayed traveler the loss of the trip, transfer or other service and for the Rule to refuse any compensation for the services not offered. The participants are solely responsible for the timely provision and safekeeping of the necessary travel documents (passports, etc.). In case a traveler has a health problem, the tour leader will make every effort to address the problem. But if there is a problem in continuing the trip,

KNOWLEDGE OF OU P PO DEFINITION The Canon considers obvious that the traveler before his involvement, he will know that goes, having been informed of the forms or the Internet to the destination you have questions and queries have already been informed by the rule. Canon assumes no responsibility and admits no guilt to a traveler who claims he did not know what destination he is traveling to. The traveler is obliged to know where he is traveling and the knowledge is not limited only to the basic difficulties, such as lack of infrastructure, but includes the political situations and the geographical and climatic conditions of each place.


Our schedule is prepared several months before its release and our trips are based on the already published itineraries of the airlines. Any changes in flights and itineraries are next to bring about changes in our schedule. Canon also has the right to make changes to the program to the extent it deems appropriate in order to overcome technical problems or unforeseen difficulties. Therefore please contact us 2 months before the start of the trip for the final departure date. If the changes are made before the trip begins and are so significant that its character is altered, participants are entitled to cancel their reservation and get back the money they paid, without any other claim. However, if the changes are deemed necessary during the course of the trip, The participants are obliged to accept them and will be charged with any additional costs. In the event that for any reason a customer distances himself from the rest of the group, he is charged with any expenses he will incur and is not entitled to compensation for any services he lost.Canon reserves the right to cancel any trip, up to one week before departure, if the participation is deemed insufficient or for other reasons that in its judgment, do not favor its realization. In this case, the obligations of the Rule are limited to the return of the money received only. ETAIPEIA RESPONSIBILITIES For the organization of travel, Cannes uses on behalf of its customers airlines and other transport companies, hotels, local travel agencies and other entities over which it has no direct control. It is therefore not possible to be held liable for anomalies in the provision of the services of the above rates such as:

1. Changes, delays, or cancellations of scheduled itineraries of any kind and their direct or indirect effects, changes in hotel reservations and their direct or indirect effects and changes in tours and their direct or indirect effects.

2. Accidents, diseases or unpleasant organic effects from climatic conditions, inability to adapt to different time zones (JET LAG), altitude, epidemics, food poisoning, inadequate cleaning conditions, or any other reason.

3. Any difficulties that may be caused by unforeseen situations, such as delays, adverse weather conditions, strikes, demonstrations and situations of force majeure (landslides, earthquakes, floods and all natural phenomena, terrorism, revolutions, wars, coups, etc.). .).

4. Damage, loss or theft of luggage, personal belongings, money, etc., and any consequences of a criminal or other criminal act against its customers.

5. Anything can not be predicted upon departure from Greece.


Hotels have many types of rooms and usually those given to groups are standard. Canon is not responsible for whether superior rooms will be given better and to whom. The hotel is solely responsible for the availability of the rooms according to its policy. The customer who wants to upgrade his room to business, executive or suite, pays the price on the spot at the hotel and Kanon has no reason to do so. The category in stars is proportional to the country where the hotel is located, with the result that hotels of the same category are different from country to country. The international practice of hotels around the world is to give the rooms to the traveler at 15:00, regardless of the arrival time of the group. The traveler must deliver his key by 12:00 on the day of departure, regardless of the departure time of the group. Accommodation at the hotel beyond 12:00 is with the payment of the appropriate rent and of course as long as the room is available. Triple rooms are usually doubles with the addition of a third bed, which is often a ranch. Participation in a triple is charged as participation in a double, ie there is no discount. For children under 12 years, special discounts apply to triples. In cases where the program includes overnight stay at a transfer station, the choice of hotel is the responsibility of the airline. 00 is done with the payment of the corresponding rent and of course as long as the room is available. Triple rooms are usually doubles with the addition of a third bed, which is often a ranch. Participation in a triple is charged as participation in a double, ie there is no discount. For children under 12 years, special discounts apply to triples. In cases where the program includes overnight stay at a transfer station, the choice of hotel is the responsibility of the airline. 00 is done with the payment of the corresponding rent and of course as long as the room is available. Triple rooms are usually doubles with the addition of a third bed, which is often a ranch. Participation in a triple is charged as participation in a double, ie there is no discount. For children under 12 years, special discounts apply to triples. In cases where the program includes overnight stay at a transfer station, the choice of hotel is the responsibility of the airline.


On Canon trips that include 2 meals (half board) these are usually breakfast and dinner. For each night we have a breakfast and a dinner and in some cases dinner is replaced with lunch. In most cases the meal is specific (table d'o), while the presence of a buffet is rarer. If someone does not want to have a meal, its value is not refundable. If we are notified in time (upon registration) of any particular wish (vegetarian, special diet) we will make every effort to satisfy it, but we can not guarantee it, as it depends on other factors (hotel service, etc.). ). Each hotel is solely responsible for the quality of its meals, depending on its policy.

INSURANCE The price of each trip always includes civil liability insurance, which is mandatory by law. The price also includes group insurance. This insurance covers accidents, illnesses, medical care and repatriation expenses. In such a case the traveler covers all the expenses at his own expense, but after the return with the presentation of the receipts, the amount is returned to him - if approved - by the insurance company. ATTENTION: For some countries insurance companies do not provide group insurance. Also, insurance companies do not insure people over 75 years old. Please contact us for more details. LEADERS-SESSIONS

The escort leaders are Greeks, usually freelancers educated with a wide range of knowledge and most often with a specialty related to the trip they accompany. They have experience in the travel that accompanies them and their job is to translate the English speaking guides and supplement them with extra information. In many countries the local guides do not have the training of the respective Europeans, nor sufficient knowledge of foreign languages, so the tour guide undertakes the tour, imposing on the local guide the so-called "silent" tour, ie to pretend as the local law requires, but not to be guided. Escort leaders ensure that the journey progresses smoothly and addresses as many problems as possible on the spot. The escorts always start from Greece with the group - except in some cases, who are waiting for it at an intermediate airport. The escort leaders travel constantly to pick up groups from various cities in Greece or abroad.Also - like all of us - they may get sick, or for reasons of force majeure not be able to meet a group at the airport. Such reasons are bad weather, flight cancellations, road closures, or the attendant leader's illness / accident. In case the leader-escort is unable to pick up a group, Canon will send someone else, but this is logical that can not be done immediately, so the group will have to travel alone and pick up the final guide by the local guide . Canon is obliged to send the flight attendant, or his replacement to the final destination with one of the next flights, so that he can pick up the group and the journey can continue smoothly. Exceptions are trips that require several days of visa formalities, where it is impossible for the new escort to travel on time. In such rare cases, the group travels with a Greek-speaking local guide (where available), or in English. For this issue, the responsibilities of the Rule fall into the category: "RESPONSIBILITIES OF ETAIPEIA". (see above). TAXIΔIΩTIKH ANTIΛHΨH

The group trip presupposes by its nature the creation of a team spirit, good mood among the excursionists and cooperation towards the program and the suggestions of the leader. The mutual understanding of the travelers and their pleasant mood ensures the smooth development of each trip. Travelers are obliged to follow the instructions of the leader, not to embarrass and not to create problems for their fellow travelers. ATTENTION: The leader has the right to continue the journey without the traveler, who creates problems. In this case, the traveler bears the costs of his return to Greece and is not entitled to any compensation for services lost. The leader does not have the obligation, nor the authority to lend money to a traveler for any reason.

MINIMUM & MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPATIONS The prices are calculated with minimum & maximum participation of the mentioned number of people. However, trips are made with fewer people with a similar charge. These charges are mentioned in the program of each trip, they are binding and it is the obligation of the traveler to read them and to know them. ΑΛΛΑΓΕΣ TIMΩN

All the prices listed in the programs of the Rule, were calculated based on the cost data of the trip and the exchange rates, which were valid on the day of the program. These prices may increase unannounced in the event of increases in air fares, taxes, appreciation of foreign exchange units or any reversal of the original cost data. Their change can be done up to a week before the start of the trip and is not an excuse to cancel the participation. BAGGAGE Regardless of the type of trip, Canon undertakes the transport of only one suitcase of normal size and weight of 20 kilos for each of its customers. In addition to the suitcase, participants can keep a small hand luggage on their travels.

AIRPORT TAXES & FUEL CHARGES Airport taxes and fuel surcharges are set solely by the airlines and Canon cannot intervene in their prices. Airport taxes and surcharges can change dramatically and unannounced, regardless of whether the published prices are lower. Canon has no responsibility for any changes to airport taxes and fuel surcharges. OVERNIGHTS AT INTERMEDIATE STATIONS When there are free nights at airports where flights are available, the choice of hotel is solely the responsibility of the airlines. Canon can not intervene, even if the customer is willing to pay more. COMPLAINTS

There may be minor problems during the trip for which we are not responsible. Nevertheless, the leader is at your disposal to help resolve them. The client has the obligation to inform the tour leader, in order to solve the problem immediately and on the spot. It is unfair for both the leader and the office to hear complaints days later about problems that could be solved immediately. If you have complaints about services you paid for and in your opinion were not provided, you should file them in writing within one week of the return date. The submission of complaints and claims beyond the aforementioned time limit is not acceptable in accordance with the relevant legislation.

TIMH TRAVELS Included: The price of Canon trips includes air transport, from Athens and Thessaloniki, (unless otherwise stated in the program), all transfers abroad, accommodation in double rooms with breakfast or half board, fully informed leader - escort, local guides, entrances to museums and monuments, printed and information materials, VAT, group insurance, liability insurance, gratuities and visas. If a trip does not include visas, gratuities, museum and monument entrances, or anything else, this is explicitly mentioned at the end of the program. Not included: Airport taxes, fuel surcharges, anything listed as optional, drinks, telephones, personal expenses. ΑΠΟΔOXH OPΩΝ ΣYMMETOXHΣ

Participation in any excursion of the Rule, means at the same time the unconditional acceptance of the aforementioned conditions of participation.